Prom Marketing Programs


Break through the gatekeeper walled garden of schools with our Lunch-time Jams inside schools!

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Prom Coupon

Be part of the world’s first prom-centric coupon-only site offering discounts for Prom!

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The expo-style B2B tade show connecting Prom Committees to the Vendors they need to procure!

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The original B2C expo-style trade show connecting Vendors to prom-going Students!

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Prom Court

Reality TV Show focused on choosing Prom King USA and prom Queen USA, for the first time in history!

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Prom Song

Legendary dance music producer Chris Cox is creating the prom anthem for dance floors around the world!

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Prom Gurl

Comic book following along with the exploits of Prom Gurl, as she teaches girls on how to prepare for Prom!

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Prom Radio

The world’s first online radio station dedicated totally to Prom! Listen to prom-centric shows 24/7.

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Niche micro-influencers in aggregate for effective and powerful Prom marketing campaigns.

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Prom Hunt

The biggest online scavenger hunt in the world, win Prom-oriented prizes for you and your school!

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Prom Trip

Organized coach bus trips leaving directly from your school and stopping at Prom boutiques in the big city!

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Prom Teen

We’re bringing back Prom-focused magazines, both online and in print, for you to see what’s available.

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Prom Cash

Loyalty shopping programs to earn points that can be redeemed on all your Prom purchases.

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Prom Marketing is the vendor opportunity arm for the Prom Planner eco-system of brands. Starting with the worlds first Prom Committee online management platform and extending into the Student Body accordingly, Prom Planner is then surrounded by a powerful combination of online and real-world programs that, when combined, create the most significant marketing opportunities for Prom...ever!