Welcome to Prom Marketing

Welcome to the all-new PromMarketing.com, your new source for best-in-class prom-centric marketing campaigns

If your company wants to sell more to Proms and the Students who attend them, look no further. Our blend of technology platforms and real-life experiential marketing programs will boost your Prom-related sales in short order!

Starting with our world-class Prom Planner platform, Prom Marketing overlays assets such as Prom Vendors. Prom Vote, Prom Date, PromShow and more to deliver extraordinary and relevant reach into the hard-to-penetrate youth market, including bypassing the School-based gatekepper problem!


Prom Marketing is the vendor opportunity arm for the Prom Planner eco-system of brands. Starting with the worlds first Prom Committee online management platform and extending into the Student Body accordingly, Prom Planner is then surrounded by a powerful combination of online and real-world programs that, when combined, create the most significant marketing opportunities for Prom...ever!